10 Jun 2019

Signs Of A Healthy Horse

As any horse owner will tell you, owning and caring for a horse is a lot of work. In fact, it can take up many hours of your week just to keep your horse healthy and in good shape. For many horse owners, this is just another part of the ownership experience and they would gladly devote all of their time to their horses if they could. That is why horse health is so important. With all of the time spent caring for a healthy horse, when your horse gets sick, just about every hour of every day will be spent doing whatever you can to make them healthy again.

But how do you know if your horse is healthy and what are some of the signs you should look for to see if they are coming down with an illness? Let’s take a look now and see how you can tell if your horse is healthy or not.

Signs Of A Healthy Horse

Attitude- a healthy horse should be bright and alert and have a generally happy attitude. They might even roll after being turned out, but they should always get back up quickly. If your horse rolls more than normal, it could be ill or have colic.

Appetite- just like people, if your horse isn’t feeling well, he might not eat as much as normal. If your horse has a healthy appetite, there is a good chance that they are in good health. Be sure to check your horse’s temperature if they stop eating or eat considerably less than normal. An adult horse should have a body temperature of 37.2 – 38.3 degrees Celsius when at rest.

Eyes And Nose- if your horse’s eyes are fully open, clear and clean, they are generally healthy. The same is true of their nostrils. If there is a lot of mucous, they might not be feeling well or have an infection.

Body Condition- the overall condition of your horse should also be taken into consideration when determining their health. A shiny, glowing coat, normal vital signs, wheat-coloured urine and a square, even stance are all signs of a healthy horse. Your horse should also be drinking 20 to 40 liters of water every day.

You should be able to evaluate your horse in about 10 minutes and checking him daily will help keep you aware of his overall health. Another expert tip that can help keep your horse healthy and happy is to give him high quality, 100% organic equine nutritional supplements from a reputable supplier.

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