Elite Canine Rosehip Supplement 300g



100% natural supplement for dogs, designed to support all-round good health, a healthy immune system and healthy joints and suppleness. Made solely from the powder extracted from the Rosa Canina plant. An effective and natural source of antioxidants and powerful support for the dogs’s own anti-inflammatory process.

Feeding Instructions

Once daily, mixed with wet food or mixed in water over dry food.

Weight Loading Dose* Maintenance Dose (daily)
Up to 15kg 5g 2.5g
15kg – 30kg 10g 5g
Over 30kg 15g 7.5g

*Recommended loading dose of 30 days.

Typical Analysis per kg

Protein 3.88%, Crude Fibre 12%, Ash 0.07%
Vitamin C 3960mg