07 Jun 2019

Nutritional Horse Supplements Explained

Optimum equine health is important as it can help your horse live a longer, happier life while reducing many of the negative effects of aging. However, like humans, every horse is different and that can mean different nutritional requirements to promote their optimum health. There are a lot of variables that go into providing a healthy, balanced diet for your horse and, without the proper training and experience, we could be falling short when it comes to their nutrition.

Fortunately, all horses can benefit from nutritional supplements just as humans can. In fact, there is a wide range of equine supplements available which address everything from skin, coat and temperament, to nutraceuticals and joint health. Utilising high quality equine supplements is quite possibly the most effective way for horse owners to manage their horse’s nutritional intake as well as their overall health.

Benefits Of Using Supplements

What are some of the benefits of using equine supplements? Whether your horse is young or old, competes in shows or just a trail rider on the weekends, equine supplements can provide them with the complete nutrition they need to grow, heal and maintain good health.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of equine supplements:

  • Improved Digestive Health
  • Stronger Hooves
  • Healthier Coat And Skin
  • Lower Stress And Higher Resistance To Potentially Stressful Situations
  • Better Joint Health

How To Choose The Best Equine Supplements

Just as not all horses are the same, not all equine supplements are the same either. To choose the best equine supplements for your horse, follow some simple guidelines:

The Shelf Life Of The Supplement- equine supplements, like food, have a shelf life. Choose an equine supplement brand that believes in freshness and whose products have a longer shelf life.

The Nutritional Quality Of The Supplements- some supplements are mostly filler and offer very little actual nutrition for your horse. Be sure to choose supplements that offer the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and active ingredients.

100% Organic, Certified- choose a supplement brand that uses 100% organic ingredients and that is certified by more than one of the following: the USDA, EU Organic, the KIWA BCS and The Rainforest Alliance.

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