20 Sep 2022

The JenkuMethod: Right hind leg jab in horses

  The right hind leg jab in horses happens because of natural asymmetry. Symmetry in Horses Perfect symmetry is very rare in nature as every breathing creature is constantly being shaped by its genetics, its experiences, and its lifestyle. Form follows function. That means that asymmetries that we can spot in our horses are a […]

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30 Aug 2022


Who is Robyn Moolman?  Robyn Moolman, Elite Equine Brand Ambassador, has a love for animals and is passionate about coaching and empowering all equine & canine enthusiasts! Mom to 4 horses and 4 dogs Robyn enjoys spending her every spare second with them. Since 2007 Robyn has invested her time learning from many national & […]

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14 Aug 2020

Is Feeding-stress Keeping Your Horse Overweight?

Horses are unique creatures and have very unique feeding requirements too. Did you know that your horse’s stomach is only about the size of a rugby ball? It comprises just 10% of the horse’s digestive system and can only hold between 9 to 15 litres at a time. Without a consistent feed supply, their physical […]

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07 Aug 2020

6 Types of Horse Coughs You Should Not Ignore

If your horse coughs occasionally, there is normally nothing to worry about.  This is a perfectly natural way of keeping their airways clean from dust or small debris. Some coughs, however, may be an early sign of an inflammatory condition that deserves prompt action.  Understanding the different types of coughs coupled with good judgment, may […]

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31 Jul 2020

Senior Horses with Arthritis Need Exercise Too

Do you know that lameness in horses can be tracked back to arthritis in more than 60% of all cases in the UK? And although you may think that resting may be more kind to your arthritic horse, a regular and sensible exercise plan will benefit him much more, giving his joints just the right […]

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24 Jul 2020

Changing My Horse’s Diet

There may be a number of reasons for wanting to change your horse’s feed. Maybe he’s getting older and require a more senior diet. Perhaps you’ve learned more about organic living and want to try something new for your best friend too. Maybe you’re not happy with the results you’re seeing from your current feed. […]

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17 Jul 2020

Does My Horse’s Back Hurt?

Anyone who has ever suffered from prolonged back pain, know that what may have started off as a manageable disturbance, can soon turn into the most annoying dancing partner of every single thing you try to do.  At least us humans can talk about it, complain about it, get some help to sort it out. […]

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10 Jul 2020

When Stress Interferes with Feeding the Young Ones

Few things are quite as special as seeing your mare safely deliver her precious cargo after lovingly taking care of them both for 11 months. No wonder then that your foal’s first wonky steps are watched with great anticipation, and that every blow, sneeze or snort brings out the mother instinct in you. Before you […]

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