15 Feb 2019

Elite Equine and Monday Morning Disease (Tying-up)


What became known as Monday Morning Disease (‘tying-up’) is a condition that was first associated with work horses that enjoyed a day of rest and a regular grain ration on Sundays. Once they again took up their work the following morning, they began tying-up, which was evidenced by such symptoms as stiff muscles, cramping, unreasonable sweating, rapid breathing, and a general unwillingness to move.

Generally speaking, tying-up is a collection of symptoms that apply to any one of a number of muscle conditions. There are three overall kinds that fall under the umbrella of tying-up disease:

  1. Sporadic occurrences (in horses that performed well prior to the incident)
  2. Chronic condition (in horses that have repeatedly displayed symptoms)
  3. Recurrent illness (in thoroughbred and Arabian horses mostly) [1]

In horses, rosehips have been specifically used to improve the growth of hooves, assist in the rehabilitation of kidney and adrenal function and as a preventative for ‘tying-up’ [Monday Morning Disease]. [2]

Routine usage [of rosehip] will completely rehabilitate kidneys weakened by stress and/or the regular use of electrolytes or diuretics.  [3]

Elite Equine is produced from 100% organic rosehip and picked by hand high in the mountains of Lesotho.  As an easy-to-use, once-a-day supplement, Elite Equine will make your Monday Mornings a whole lot rosier.

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Photograph by Kirsten Drew