01 Feb 2019

Elite Equine and Inflammation in Horses


According to Dr Michael Ball (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine):

“Within every living cell (muscle, tendon, lung, bone, etc.), there is a biochemical and cellular time bomb waiting to go off — inflammation. However, it is to be noted that inflammation is a double-edged sword. More animals die from an inflammatory disease than all other disease processes combined, yet without an adequate inflammatory response by the body’s cells, the living organism could not survive for long. The inflammatory response is necessary for fighting infection and the normal healing of damaged tissue.

Signs of inflammation: heat, redness, swelling, and pain, respectively and may even lead to loss of function.

Inflammation is a good thing in most cases and we do not want to eliminate it. But because of its ability to ‘run wild’ and do more harm than good, there is a need to control it.”[1]

Recent animal and in vitro studies have shown that rose hips have anti-inflammatory, disease-modifying and antioxidant properties.  It appears to decrease inflammation by inhibiting production of inflammatory proteins and enzymes.[2]

Elite Equine rosehips are picked by hand high in the mountains of Lesotho, is rich in vitamin C and is a perfect anti-inflammatory supplement for any work or race horse.

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