15 Jul 2019

Caring For Horses In Extreme Heat Elite Equine

With this summer expected to be one of the hottest on record in many areas around the country, providing extra care for your horse is important. Many horse owners, especially those who own several horses or who operate a stable, find it increasingly difficult during the hot summer days to keep their horses cool, healthy and happy.

If you are looking for ways to keep your horse healthy and happy on those hot sunny days, keep reading as Elite Equine, the leader in 100% organic equine supplements, is going to share some useful tips to help you do just that!

Tips For Caring For Horses In Extreme Heat

Create A Well-Thought-Out Hot Weather Management Plan- extra care must be taken during the hot summer months to ensure your horse’s health. A well-thought-out hot weather management plan will keep you prepared when the temperatures rise. Be sure to include an equine supplement maintenance plan as horses need additional nutrition to replenish their bodies in the heat.

Double Up On The Water- just as we need more fresh, cool water to survive those hot days, so does your horse. To ensure they get enough water, consider adding additional water troughs and keeping them filled at all times. Using just one trough to keep your horses hydrated could lead to difficulties keeping it full and dehydrated horses. Remember, an average horse needs 5 to 7 gallons of water per day in cool weather, in hot weather, they could require 20 gallons or more per day. Consider adding an electrolyte supplement to your horse’s diet as well.

Control The Insects- during hot summers, insects can be even more problematic and difficult to control. Be sure to use fly sheets and insect repellant, and during the times of day when insects are most active, bring your horse inside and use fans to direct the insects away.

Supplement Your Horse’s Diet- giving your horse premium quality, 100% organic equine supplements will help keep them healthier during the heat of summer. Healthy horses are better able to fight off heat stress and they will have the energy they need for exercising in the hot sun. Quality equine supplements can also help your horse avoid painful muscle cramping.

Caring for your horse in extreme heat takes careful planning and ensuring that they have proper water and nutrition. Make caring for your horse easier with nutritional supplements from Elite Equine today!

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