Month: January 2020

31 Jan 2020

Elite Equine and Suspensory Ligament Injuries in Sport Horses

FEI-certified veterinarian, Duncan Peters, DVM, MS, heads the Sport Horse Program at Hagyard Equine Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. In this post he explains how five common types of sport horse injuries happen, how they’re treated and how they may affect your horse’s career. Although these injuries occur across the disciplines, some types are more […]

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24 Jan 2020

Elite Equine and What You Should Know About Anti-inflammatories

If you’ve ever hesitated when considering anti-inflammatories, Douglas O. Thal, DVM, sheds some light on the pro’s and con’s of using this class of drugs: “Bute” (phenylbutazone) and Banamine® (flunixin meglumine) are the most commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) in the horse. They are very useful drugs used for a variety of conditions and […]

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16 Jan 2020

Elite Equine and Leg Deformities in Young Foals

One of our Elite Equine customers recently wrote a review on her experience with this serious condition and the relief that Elite Equine brought. The team at explains the disorder in more detail: “Physitis is a condition that causes deformities in the legs of young foals, mostly weanlings and yearlings, that are growing rapidly […]

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09 Jan 2020

Elite Equine and Colic 101

Do you know what to do – and just as importantly, what not to do – if your horse displays vague, mild, or serious signs of what might be colic? How do you handle the situation? Actions to take/avoid with your horse’s recovery plan? How to minimize the risk for colic in the first place? […]

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